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Headphones refer to those devices that are used for listening to FM radios, portable players, and other audio devices. Their functionality is quite similar to that of speakers. As these headphones are used widely along with earbuds, the debate is 'on' as to which of these devices is better if you want to listen to a quality music.

06 Apr 20

When you stop to think of it, barcode technology is one of the things that has completely revolutionized the world of commerce. Barcodes can be found simply everywhere, and on almost every single thing we buy.We sometimes get used to the everyday applications of this technology as we grab a few things at the supermarket.

22 May 20

Google, the giant of tech savvy continues to put up a jaw-breaking performances and made things much easier with its latest hit of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, however, the new Android brings several exciting features like immersive mode, transparent status bar, New Dialer app, cloud Printer support and most significantly enhanced performance.

11 Jun 20

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19 Oct 20
If you believed that all of the cell phone options on the market were created for younger folks in mind, than reconsider that thought. Because in today's society, cell phone plans for seniors are equally as important. These plans need to meet the growing needs that seniors face at home and on the road.
15 Nov 20
Your smartphone is literally your second heart today. But just working on it won't make it last long. You need to care about its' protection too! And that's why you need screen protectors. Here are some examples like Cinder Screen Protector, AutoHeal and more you can consider using soon.
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06 Nov 20
Today the heavy running applications on any mobile drain it of its battery too early and too easily. Heavy graphics games, for instance, can suck even the heaviest battery in no time. If you can keep your chargers handy all the time and also have a power source near you every time, you may free yourself of this inconvenience. But this doesn't happen always.
20 Nov 20
Hosted PBX VoIP may seem simple enough but in reality is much more complex when it comes to compatibility and performance in varied conditions. Seamless call is dependent on a number of factors, one of which is the codec used for voice communication. Before choosing a codec, it is essential to understand the underlying concept for the use of such codec's.
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