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October 16, 2020
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Cell Phone Booster Reviews - Dispelling the Myths

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What are the major usability points where a Cell Phone Signal Booster is actually helpful? Do cell phone boosters really work? What is it that a Cell Phone Signal Booster CAN do?
*It amplifies weak signals (1-2 bars) multiple times and converts them into better signal (4-5 bars). To find out whether a cell phone signal booster will add any value, you just need to identify an area with at least some cellular connectivity. Remember to try each area at least for 30 seconds as almost all cell phones have a delay before they can register the signal strength when they are placed a new area.
*It eliminates or reduces the issue of poor reception
*It eliminates or reduces the frequency of dropped calls
*It increases the battery life of the cellular phone
*Most of the cell phone boosters work well with all major North American Cellular Carriers (depends on the type of the booster. They need to be certified by the FCC as well as the Carrier)
*It supports multiple cell phones and multiple cellular data cards (for selected boosters only) usage in the coverage area
*If your cell phone can make calls, but cannot receive any due to bad signal issues, a cell phone booster can change this scenario easily. The same also applies to a situation which is exactly opposite to above - i.e. you can receive calls but cannot make one.
*A cell phone signal booster can also be useful if you are facing problems with cellular connection while you are driving
*It enhances data connectivity of your cell phone. So, the amount of time required for downloading a content from the internet to your cell phone reduces
*A cell phone booster also reduces the emission of radiation from your cell phone as it doesn't have to exert any strain anymore while connecting to the cell tower
oHow can a Cell phone booster eliminate radiation? The cell phone device puts out more radiation when they work harder to keep up with signal fluctuation. When you have a change in signal strength the phone device works to compensate for any change to amplify a weak signal puts out more radiation studied to have harmful effects in children and anyone who have not fully grown into adults.
oWhy a radiation from phone is bad and the radiation from a cell booster is good? The radiation is directly related to the distance from where you hold the phone against your tissue, the FCC calls it SAR .The farther the source of the radiation the lesser the ill effects.
*A cell phone booster also enhances the coverage area of your cell phone. So, if you are getting limited coverage in a limited area of your home, you can now have better coverage in an extended area in your home.
*You can experience better call quality after you install a cell phone signal booster
*If you experience weak or slow text messaging, 3G broadband, WAP or any other cellular function - a cell phone booster can help you. For broadband data services, a cellular booster will not only increase the coverage area, but it can improve data transfer speeds; unleashing the full potential of your mobile phone or 3G data card.
*A cell phone booster also enhances the broadband speed. A booster also improves the signal for broadband data services such as EVDO, HSDPA etc., which will increase the speed at which they work. For a cell phone booster, there is no difference between a cell signal and broadband data services. Therefore, you can expect improvements in all available broadband data services including EVDO, HSDPA and UMTS technologies that utilize the same cellular tower for data exchanges. This is also true for broadband data cards. This improvement in signal strength will result in better coverage area for these services, and faster data transfer. If you want your cell phone booster to improve broadband data services then you must buy a cell phone booster with the right frequency for you. List of services a cell phone booster can improve:
o1 x RTT
o2 x RTT
o1xEVDO Rev A
What a Cell Phone booster CANNOT do?
*A cell phone signal booster cannot "create" signal. It cannot change a no bar or zero bars into multiple bars. The area where to install the booster needs to have at least some connectivity.
*Cell Phone signal boosters do not damage your cell as they are fully tested, approved and certified by the FCC.
*Cell phone boosters cannot harm the carrier network in any way. All cell phone boosters have adaptive gain control (AGC) as standard. If the antennas are not properly separated and the signal begins to oscillate (due to feedback effects), the booster will automatically reduce its gain. This is why the gain in the technical specifications is often listed as "adaptive" or "maximum", as the AGC may limit the gain. As long as you set-up the cell phone booster correctly, then there should not be an issue.


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