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July 6, 2020
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Franchise Business: When To Quit

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Most business owners close their businesses voluntarily; there is a variety of reason why business closes but one common factor among all these is that the business ceases to provide a decent income to meet the needs of the business owner. In rare cases, some business close because the owner have found a better business opportunity.

But some businesses owners stop operating their businesses not for the reason that the business is losing money but rather, it is because they had received an offer from someone to buy the business. If this is the case for you, then you need to do a cost benefit analysis, this means that you should know whether you are going to earn more if you continue with your current business or are you going to benefit more from the buy-out offer.

Meanwhile, for people with a franchise business, the reason for quitting is often because they can no longer pay for the royalty fee that comes with availing of the said franchise. But quitting doesn't necessarily mean you should stop looking for other business opportunities because there are many other businesses you can get into. You can still avail of other franchise opportunities available in the market. Some franchises give you the option to earn more in terms of percentage profit and you receive the return on your investment within just a short period of time.

If you don't have the necessary resources to avail of a franchise, then you can also consider looking home business opportunities. This way, you will have a lesser start up costs and you can run your business at the convenience of your own home. There is no limit in business opportunities you can get into but you should also consider your strengths, your weakness, and the opportunities and threats in your environment.

In some cases however, some businesses are beyond redemption. For example, a business may be selling a product that is out of trend. Another example is the beeper, this is an outmoded technology, and there is really no choice on the part of the business owner because this product is not going to sell even with heavy advertising and promotion. This is because of the instruction of the cellular phone and the voice over internet protocol technology. This development allows the customers more convenience at a lesser cost.

But overall, the decision to quit is made by both the business owner and the target market. Remember though, that most businesses do not earn much money during the first year of operations. In fact some businesses only get their return on its investments after several years of hard work and marketing promotions. So you should not quit if you believe that your business has a chance of making some profits after several years. Even if you quit your current business, the world is still wide open for you to another business opportunity, it is up to you whether you will take advantage of it or not.


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